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Motor TradeBook's Album: MTB Social Media Icons

'Follow Us' Motor TradeBook Social Media Icons Many automotive businesses and professionals have the 'Follow Us' on Motor TradeBook icons within their blogs, Emails, websites, etc. Assistance in figuring out how to setup your MTB badge...... 1. Login to your Motor TradeBook account 2. Click to view your profile 3. Copy the website URL which is your own unique Motor TradeBook website address 4. Download whichever Motor TradeBook logo you like the best (right click logo and save to your desktop) 5. Paste your website URL into an Email and send it to your web developer along with the downloaded logo Your web developer will know how to get it into your web site, Email or blog. Your web developer can create a link direct from your web site to your Motor TradeBook profile. I hope this information has been helpful.

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